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Global Network Afghanistan Managing Director with Afghan Carpet Business Delegation to Atlanta carpet fair,

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  Afghanistan is one of the leading manufacturers of quality handmade carpets(rugs) in the world. We lie at the heart of the belt of carpet producing countries that stretches from China to Morocco. Over the centuries, we have absorbed the influences of many of these countries' carpet and textile traditions to develop a rich and diverse indigenous carpet sector. More than just interiors items, carpets(rugs) are a part of our national identity.

Though Afghanistan produces a great variety of carpets(rugs), there are two very broad categories into which the majority fit.

1. Traditional production

These are carpets(rugs) that buyers who have been in the industry for many years will often associate with Afghanistan. They tend to be red or burgundy based, with geometric motifs that originated from Turkmen tribes who live in the north of the country.

In this category are carpets(rugs) such as Fil pai ('Elephants foot'), Mauri, Zaher Shahi and Khoja Roshnai. It also includes a more recent carpet, the Khal Mohamadi, renowned for its unique dying method.

These carpets(rugs) are typically woven with asymmetrical knots, using either chemical or natural/vegetable dyes.

2. Recent production

During the past almost 3 decades of conflict in Afghanistan, a great number of Afghans moved to Pakistan, where they lived as refugees. In the refugee camps of Pakistan, many continued to weave carpets(rugs), relying on them as their sole source of family income.

It was in these camps that a number of innovations took place. New designs were introduced, drawing on influences from other parts of the world, and soft toned natural/vegetable dyes were revived. Turkmen motifs were replaced by a range of very different patterns: curvilinear floral designs, tribal Kazakh patterns, as well more modern Gabbeh-inspired designs.

In this category are carpets(rugs) such as Chobis (or Chob Rung, meaning 'wood color', referring to the use of natural dyes), Zigglers, Kazakhs, and Gabbehs.

What all Afghan carpets(rugs) have in common is that they are made by crafts people, men and women, who have a deeply entrenched love and appreciation for the product. This translates into the selection of only the highest quality wool - much of it from the famous Ghazni province in central Afghanistan, care and attention in weaving, and dedication to detail in finishing.

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